University of Hawaii 夏威夷大學公開演講


謝謝 Taiwanese American Professionals TAP – Honolulu 的邀請,在異鄉看到這麼多台灣前輩總是感動。




Gave 2 speeches at University of Hawaii, my first back-to-back speeches. One in Mandarin, one in English; one was on Taiwan’s social issues and Give2Asia‘s work, and the other was on introverts in the workplace.

Meeting the Taiwanese people overseas is always a great pleasure, no matter how long they’ve lived abroad, they’re still showing tremendous care about Taiwan, which is a true blessing.

In the 2nd session, I found US students face very similar challenges with Asian students, such as “as an introvert, how do I demonstrate myself in job interviews?”

I’m so happy to know one of the participants decided to stay for the 2nd session and ended up getting inspirations for his upcoming job interview.

Getting to help people is a privilege, I cherish it every single day.

Photo credit: Bell Lin(who’s also a certified free diving expert, I’m sure I’d look so much better if I was giving the speech under water)