Jill has fifteen years of international experience in diverse industries including sports, state government, and nonprofits. She currently oversees a team spread across twenty-three countries and has delivered over two hundred public speeches in the past two years alone. She is described as “not needing a script” and “the wonder woman who makes things happen, bare-handed.”

As evidence that Jill is someone who doesn’t follow a traditional script, she entered the sports industry as a professional sports agent at the age of twenty-six and successfully signed five major league contracts for her clients within eighteen months. When she worked for a US state government, she was in charge of procuring and trading projects between the US and Asia. She is now devoted to international philanthropy. Jill is also a Fellow of Harvard SEED for Social Innovation and was featured in Girls in Tech Taiwan 40 Under 40 in 2018. The traditional Chinese version of her book Quiet Is a Superpower was a #1 bestseller and stayed among the Top 10 bestsellers in Taiwan for 20 weeks. 

Jill is a complete introvert (although most people find that hard to believe) who likes to get lost in a book with some music playing in the background and a cup of tea by her side. She is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with her family, and she regularly travels across the world to make a global impact in both philanthropy and in helping introverts in their career and leadership development.

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