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Jill has fifteen years of international experience in diverse industries including sports, state government, and nonprofits. She is an International Philanthropy Advisor that works closely with twenty-three countries and has delivered over two hundred public speeches in the past two years alone. She is described as “not needing a script” and “the wonder woman who makes things happen, bare-handed.”

Jill is also a bestselling author and was featured Girls in Tech 40 Under 40 in Taiwan. Her book “Quiet Is a Superpower” hit #1 on Amazon in the publishing week, won Honorable Mention in the FOREWORD INDIES Award and is being translated into 6 languages.

She is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and talks to different parts of the world (at home) to give philanthropic advice and share inspirations for introverts.  

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I’d like to share some of my favorite parts from the book, please let me know where I should send it.